Thermal Receipt Printer

When it comes to Point of Sale equipment, there are plethora of different items that you might use in the interest of expediting the process and getting to the next customer. If you are not familiar with Point of Sale or POS equipment, it is essentially everything you see when you check out at a retail store. The cash register, scanner, credit card reader, receipt printer, all of these things are Point of Sale related, and they are all equally important. Today however, we will be discussing the thermal receipt printer and what it can bring to you particular Point of Sale
The Two Thermal Receipt Printers on the Market
There are two major types of thermal receipt printers on the market today, both of which perform a similar job, but take two different paths to get the job done.
Direct Thermal Printer: This is a type of thermal printer that uses heat against a special paper, burning the image. There are a number of benefits to using the direct thermal printer, mostly in that you do not need to use an ink cartridge. Thermal paper does need to be replaced eventually, however it is considerably cheaper than buying an ink cartridge for a transfer printer. You will often find direct printers at POS kiosks for printing labels, though they are not always the best idea, for a number of different reasons.
Transfer Printer: This type of receipt printer uses a wax, or a wax resin to perform the transfer. They are not as quiet as their direct counterparts, but they are often used for printing barcodes simply because the wax is more durable than thermal paper. Thermal paper will discolor when it comes into contact with a heat source, but the wax resin is more resilient.
POS Printer Displays
POS printers provide more functionality and they even display pricing to your customers whether it is on paper, or on the printer display. This might seem like a small innovation, but it does improve the customer service experience in more ways than one.
Proof of Purchase
Printers, when placed at a POS station, will give a proof of purchase for every single transaction. With a printed receipt, customers will be able to better return items or even change them. Remember, always use high quality POS paper to get the job done. While enabling returns might not sound like the greatest business strategy, it is far better than you realize. It will raise customer confidence in your store, and ultimately grant you return customers, which is one of the most important things of all.

A receipt printer might not seem like a big deal, but it is far more important than you realize. Make sure that you have one installed at your POS to help assist customers in attaining record of their purchase as well as an avenue to return the product if they need to. Get it all down on paper.

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